Corn tassels
Hungarian pepper


You may either download the book as a pdf file or view it online. The pdf version contains over 170 letter-size pages, with an index and a better navigation capability; it may also display long and wide tables better. The online version is primarily for those who cannot view a pdf file, but others may find it more readable.

Both formats have references to footnotes and a bibliography, to which the screen moves if you click one with the mouse. Red superscripts refer to footnotes, and numbers in square brackets refer to the bibliography. Footnotes are at the bottom of a page in the pdf format and the bottom of a chapter or table in the online version. The bibliography is at the back of the pdf book and in a separate file in the online version.

Owing to the navigation elements, neither version is ideal for printing at the present time. Also, several tables are too wide for display on a mobile device other than a laptop or possibly a netbook; consequently no effort was made to so customize it.

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