Whatever value this presentation has is due to the efforts and achievements of many people. In addition to the numerous references listed, I wish to acknowledge valuable discussions on soil microorganisms with Larry Zibilske, University of Maine, and equally important discussions on manure and compost with William Brinton, Jr, Woods End Laboratory. I thank Stuart B. Hill for the use of the Ecological Agriculture library at Macdonald College in obtaining information which would have been difficult to find elsewhere. I wish also to thank Frank Eggert, University of Maine, Winston Way, University of Vermont, Stuart Hill, and Robert Kimber, for reading the manuscript at an earlier stage of revision and offering their valuable literary and technical comments. Pam Bell, former editor of the Maine Organic Farmer and Gardener, devoted considerable time and effort in editing the manuscript, adding the readability that it so desperately needed, and offered further technical comments. I am grateful to Jo Josephson for her encouragement during the several years while this book was in preparation and in her help in editing this edition.

In my early years at Woods End Laboratory, William K. Kruesi sent me numerous references tabulating the nutrient content of produce. Those tables helped me considerably in interpreting soil tests, and they eventually became part of the impetus and the basis for this book.

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