Soil Fertility

A Guide to Organic and Inorganic Soil Amendments

Robert Parnes

March, 2013

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To Jo Josephson

Table of Contents

List of Tables

  1. Effects Of A Non-Nutrient Disorder On Crop Quality
  2. Effects Of A Nutrient Disorder On Crop Quality
  3. Estimated Fertilizer Requirements - Field Crops
  4. Estimated Fertilizer Requirements - Vegetables And Fruits
  5. Average Nutrient Requirements For Vegetables
  6. Mineral Requirements Relative To Nitrogen
  7. Manure Production
  8. Density And Porosity of Manure
  9. Principal Nutrient Content Of Manure
  10. Mineral Content & Feeding Capabiity Of Manure Relative To Nitrogen
  11. Nutrient Content Of Hay
  12. Nutrient Content Of Straw
  13. Comparison Of Cow Manure With Hay And Straw
  14. Nitrogen Absorption By Fresh Residues
  15. Nutrient Value Of Assorted Weeds
  16. Nutrient Content Of Processing Wastes
  17. Nutrient Content Of Commercial Organic Products
  18. Comparison Of Nitrogen Fertilizers
  19. Application Of Nitrogen Fertilizers
  20. Comparison Of Phosphorus Fertilizers
  21. Comparison Of Potassium Fertilizers
  22. Fertilizers For Supplying Sulfur
  23. Fertilizers For Supplying Calcium
  24. Fertilizers For Supplying Magnesium
  25. Sensitivity Of Plants To A Micronutrient Deficiency
  26. Micronutrient Content Of Various Materials
  27. Typical Application Rates Of Micronutrient Fertilizers

List of Figures