Table 13. Comparison Of Cow Manure With Hay And Straw

Nutrients in lbs/ton dry weight

Energy Index
NP2O5K2OSCaMgCuMnZnBMoFeC/N Ratiogal/ton
Cow Manure11390.9620.
Legume Hay50133352230.020.20.1510.0060.21678
Nonlegume hay2511384430.010.10.063281
Nonlegume straw1752631330.0090.270.0647-7280

Ratio of nutrients normalized to unity for nitrogen
Legume hay/manure1.
Nonlegume hay/manure1.01.61.920.
Nonlegume straw/manure1.01.11.921.41.00.330.6

1 Note: The value for the boron content of legume hay was taken from one experiment with alfalfa and may not be typical for all legumes.

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