This is the home for a book, "Fertile Soil" by Robert Parnes. It is the result of a literature search during the operation of Woods End Laboratory, an agricultural soil-testing facility in Maine. The lab served farmers and gardeners throughout the nation.

The book is out of print but has a secondary market. Consequently and because of its unique features, an edited and reformatted version is offered here under a creative commons license retitled as "Soil Fertility."

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It contains:

  • 27 tables of compiled data on:
    • plant nutrient requirements;
    • the nutrient content of organic and inorganic fertilizers and amendments;
    • typical application rates of fertilizers and amendments;
    • effects of environmental disorders on the quality of produce;
    • effects of fertilizer deficiencies and excesses on crop quality;
  • a discussion of the behavior of nutrients in the soil and their effect on plants;
  • a discussion of soil structure and its effect on plant growth and fertilizer access;
  • an assignment of a dollar value to organic fertilizers and amendments for their contribution to soil fertility in addition to the value of their nutrients.

To download the pdf version, click here or here to begin viewing the book online.

Robert Parnes