Advertising Guidelines

Display Ads - this is for those offering products or services on a regular basis! You can get real attention with display ads. Send pdfs, jpgs or camera ready copy to Heather Dinneen 96 Popple Swamp Road Cornwall, CT 06754 Phone: (860) 671-9315, and enclose a check for the appropriate size. The sizes and rates are:

SizeBlack and WhiteColor
Full page (15" tall by 10" wide)$450$600
Half page (7 1/2" tall by 10" wide)$230$310
One-third page (7 1/2" tall by 6 1/2" wide)$160 $210
One-quarter page (7 1/2" tall by 4 7/8" wide)$120$160
One-sixth page (7 1/2" tall by 3 1/8" wide),
or (3 3/4" tall by 6 1/2" wide)
Business card size (1 1/2" tall by 3 1/8" wide)$20$25
Annual Sponsorship$300 b/w$400 color

Note: These prices are for camera ready copy only. If you want any changes, we will be glad to make them or type set a display ad for you for $45, which includes one revision. Each additional revision is $10.

Frequency discounts: We give a 25% discount for year-round ads. If you reserve the same space for four consecutive issues your fourth ad is free! To receive the frequency discount you must pay for all the issues in advance, upon reserving the space.


  • January 31 for the Spring issue
  • April 30 for the Summer issue
  • July 31 for the Fall issue
  • October 31 for the Winter issue

Sponsorships: Individuals or organizations wishing to sponsor The Natural Farmer may do so for one year (4 issues). In return, we will thank the sponsor in a special area on page 3 of each issue, and feature the sponsor’s logo in black and white ($300/year) or color ($400/year)

Contact for Display Ads or Sponsors: Send display ads or sponsorships with payment to our advertising manager Heather Dinneen 96 Popple Swamp Road Cornwall, CT 06754 Phone: (860) 671-9315. If you have questions, want to send copy electronically, or want to reserve space, contact Heather at (860) 671-9315 or