Who we are?

Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA) is a loosely-coordinated group of state NOFA chapters whose purpose is to advocate for and educate about organic and sustainable agriculture, family-scale farming and homesteading both rural and urban, agricultural justice, and related issues. The NOFA Interstate Council serves essentially as the Board of the overall NOFA organization. The Interstate Council's purposes and functions are:

  • To support the state chapters in their activities
  • To employ Policy Coordinators to:
    • formulate, coordinate, and articulate agreed-upon positions on issues of concern and interest to NOFA members
    • recommend actions to be taken based on those positions
    • participate in and represent NOFA chapters at meetings of national and international organizations whose purposes match those of NOFA
  • To publish The Natural Farmer
  • To organize an annual Summer Conference
  • To disseminate information through the website and other publications

NOFA Vision Statement

NOFA is dedicated to a vision of interconnected healthy communities living in ecological balance deeply rooted in a sense of place, grounded in organic care of the land.

Mission of NOFA Interstate Council

The NOFA Interstate Council is representatives from the state NOFA chapters promoting the common interests of the NOFA membership.

What is Organic Agriculture?

According to the USDA National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), organic agriculture is defined as "an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity. It is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and on management practices that restore, maintain, or enhance ecological harmony. The primary goal of organic agriculture is to optimize the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals and people." (NOSB, 1997)